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Stretching & Mobility

Here are a number of great range of mobility exercises and stretches to help start your day.
Brought to you by Physiotherapist Mark Ghaly@the.boxingphysio
Aim for 30 secs for each exercise. You can even pick 3 of your favourites that you find most effective to help loosen your body.
1. Knees rocking
2. Glute / piriformis stretch
3. Pigeon stretch
4. Hip flexor stretch
5. Childs pose stretch
6. Thread & needle (upper back mobility)
7. Hip Rotations
8. Diagonal hamstring stretching
9. Arm circles
10. Shoulder stretching
11. Neck Circles and side stretching

Don’t let quarantine make you stiff. Get moving and get active. But most importantly, Stay safe.

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