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This place is absolutely amazing. My three kids train here and they love it! The trainers are so dedicated to what they teach these kids trying to make them the best they can be. Morakot Muay Thai Gym is a place where everyone feels welcome. You are always treated nicely and greeted with a friendly smile. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in Muay Thai to join up as its really the best gym around.
Suzette Halabi
Great family run gym. I could not be happier with how my son has grown as a person learning this amazing sport. A massive thanks to all the coaches & other parents involved in making this such a happy family-friendly environment. I could not recommend it highly enough for all ages.
Andrew Hanley
This place is nothing but amazing. My daughter is 7 years old and loves it. The kids are all so well behaved. This family business is so welcoming that it makes us all feel like one big happy family. Suzie and all the trainers are so helpful and encouraging. We have been here for around 6 months and we are not moving anytime soon.
Jade Stafford
Daughter has been training at Morakot for 8 months and loves training with the Morakot team. A family run gym and that’s how it feels walking into the gym. All instructors are 100% dedicated on teaching the art of Muay Thai to all students.
Andrew Wilson

I started looking into alternative HIIT classes to improve my cardiovascular fitness after two episodes of coronary stenting. During my research I found the website of Morakot Muay Thai Gym in Epping. Not knowing what to expect, I started off with one class on a Saturday to see if this is for me. I was surprised by the friendly welcome as a ‘new guy’ and the camaraderie between the athletes and the respect shown between each other. The trainers took their time individually showing their students the technique required. I must admit, that I didn’t know anything about Muay Thai boxing, other than it was an ancient Thai combat art now the national sport of Thailand. I was very intrigued after my first lesson and planned to do it once a week to improve my cardio fitness. Never thought in my wildest dreams that I get ‘hooked’ on Muay Thai. Over the next couple of weeks and month my appetite grew, where I started going twice a week, then three times a week, till I took up the unlimited membership option and currently train 5-6 times a week.
I fell in love with a sport unknown to me 10 month ago

Dirk Heinert
I found morakot on Facebook, since that moment it’s been the best thing I have ever done! Morakot has made me a more motivated and dedicated individual! I feel like I have gained an amazing family that always support each other and just been much more happier in the past 6 months ????
Dana Najmeddine
Initially I wanted to start Kickboxing as a way of learning self defence and a fun way to keep fit. I didn’t find any Kickboxing gyms locally and found Morakot instead. I was under the impression that Muay Thai and Kickboxing were virtually the same however since starting training at Morakot I’ve discovered that they are quite different. I am now completely mesmerised by the art of Muay Thai. The students and trainers are a vital part of the journey. Everyone is there to help you along the way. I plan to practice Muay Thai for many years to come.
Akin Sayar
I started at Morakot about one month ago and was hooked after one class. I have in the past been a member of a gym but was lacking the motivation to go so I started at Morakot. I used to be a competitive swimmer and loved the club atmosphere and found that same club atmosphere at Morakot. The trainers are all so encouraging and helpful and the other members are also very welcoming, helpful and encouraging. I love the hard workout you get after a training session and how after each class I feel more and more confident in my skills and fitness.
Gabriella Salzer
I started Muaythai here quite a while ago and absolutely fell in love with it. It was something I did not expect myself to enjoy but I think the combination of the sport and the environment here at Morakot, it is hard not to want to show up every day once you start. It was exciting being invited to start training with the fighters team after training hard in the beginners class. It was a great experience training with those who had many years of experience over me, but it is definitely the best way to learn. However, I am in and out of training here due to my work and studies but everytime I return it after months of not being around everyone makes you feel welcome and like you never left.
Jermaine Guglielmi


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