3 Advanced Muay Thai Elbow Combinations

3 Advanced Muay Thai Elbow Combinations

In Muay Thai, elbow strikes are devastating as they can cause significant damage to your opponent. Elbows are usually thrown in close range, with the aim of slicing the temple, jaw or facial areas in general. When executed flawlessly at the right time with the right angle, elbow strikes have potential KO power. It comes as no surprise then, that elbows are known as the knives of Muay Thai.

3 Advanced Elbow KO Combinations

There are many ways you can swing or move your elbow when striking, depending on your targets or the openings you find. Hence, the elbow strike is versatile and can be utilised in many ways – it’s all up to your creativity and how you wish to attack!

In this video, you’ll learn 3 elbow KO combinations as shown by multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Gen Hongthong Lek. You’ll probably notice that in his combinations, he uses some elbow variations, such as the jump elbow, uppercut elbow and back elbow. These combinations are great for sparring or drilling with a partner, so you can develop your sense of rhythm and gain a better understanding of timing.

Tip: When you’re drilling these combinations, focus on one or two of them first. Once your technique is on point, you can move on to the rest of the combinations!

3 Advanced Muay Thai Elbow Combination Breakdown

  1. Jab, Left Vertical Elbow, Right Knee and Right Downward Elbow
  2. Left Uppercut, Right Cross, Parry, Right Cross, Step Forward and Right Elbow
  3. Jab, Right Cross, Right Low Kick, Right Uppercut, Right Spinning Elbow

There’s no doubt that elbow strikes are game changers in Muay Thai. After all, they can be executed in various ways and have monster KO power when thrown at the right moment! With that said, elbows aren’t the only strikes that can knock out your opponent. So make sure you learn every move in class properly! Psst! Here are more essential KO combinations that can definitely take your Muay Thai game to greater heights.

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