4 Things About Muay Thai That Beginners Fall In Love With Instantly

4 Things About Muay Thai That Beginners Fall In Love With Instantly

When beginners first step into a Muay Thai gym, heading off to their very first session, they have no idea what to expect. Will they enjoy it? Can they keep up with other students? Do they have a clue what they’re doing? These are just some of the questions that pop into a beginner’s mind.

Muay Thai training is a magical experience, one that creates incredible memories and strong bonds between practitioners. There are many aspects of Muay Thai training that beginners will instantly fall in love with.

It has the ability to provide practitioners with an intense workout like nothing they have ever done before, packaged in a fun and enjoyable experience that will ultimately keep them hooked. From the physical improvement to the enhancement of both mental and spiritual well-being, Muay Thai paves the way for people to reach their peak as human beings.

If you’re thinking of joining a Muay Thai Gym and kickstarting your martial arts journey, take a look at some of the things about Muay Thai that will quickly put a smile on your face.

As a beginner, you may not know what to expect. We share four things about Muay Thai that beginners fall in love with instantly.

1) The Fun Factor

You make a lot of friends at a Muay Thai Gym.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any health and fitness program is the fun factor. Is it an enjoyable experience? This is the ultimate deciding factor whether or not an individual is likely to stick with any given workout.

The great thing about Muay Thai, and many practitioners all across the globe can attest, is that it is, at its core, extremely fun and enjoyable. In fact, most Muay Thai enthusiasts claim that it’s the most fun they have ever had in a workout.

When people enjoy what they are doing, it turns from being something laborious to something they look forward to doing. Martial arts, whether it’s Boxing or Muay Thai, and the like, is unique in its approach to providing practitioners with entertainment value.

The moment you first step onto the mats, wrap your hands, there will be a huge smile on your face, guaranteed. Muay Thai is the most fun workout in existence, and this is incredibly important for people who are looking for a new fitness program to undertake.

2) The Educational Value

Because Muay Thai isn’t just a workout, practitioners become hooked to the mental aspect of training and its inherent educational value. You don’t just perform techniques and movements without aim.

Each technique serves a purpose, and learning that purpose in the grand scheme of things as they all come together provides a unique educational element to martial arts training.

There is so much more beneath the surface than just the obvious physical benefits of training in martial arts. What you learn along your journey surpasses what you do with your physical body.

Take for example, learning how to properly throw a punch in boxing. Or understanding how to block and kick in Muay Thai. There is so much that goes into techniques, it’s practically considered a science.

With Muay Thai training, you not only get yourself into prime physical condition. You also learn the fundamentals of self-defense. It’s a basic human right that everyone should have access to, and Muay Thai provides practitioners with exactly that.

3) The Intense Workouts
Muay Thai Gym Epping

If you are serious about your health and fitness, then you understand that there is absolutely no shortcut to achieving your desired results. People take up fitness programs for various reasons. Some love to be challenged with intense workouts.

Muay Thai has the potential to be the most intense workout you have ever experienced.

Muay Thai involved various aerobic and anaerobic exercises, resistance training, flexibility training, and combat training — a lot of which are intense and very challenging. If you’re looking to put yourself through the paces and give yourself a good challenge, Muay Thai could be right for you.

No one who ever sought optimal physical fitness and health ever found a truly effortless path. In order to achieve your dream body, you have to put in the work. That’s just the plain and simple truth.

4) Losing Weight and Getting in Shape

Hitting Thai Pads in Muay Thai is a great way to release stress.

Make no mistake about it, one of the most obvious hooks to Muay Thai is its ability to quickly whip you into shape, losing considerable amounts of unhealthy weight, and get you into the prime shape of your life.

This is perhaps the main reason people elect to take up a new workout routine. Everyone wants to lose weight and get into shape, and everyone wants to look good in front of a mirror.

Muay Thai has the ability to quickly get you into the best shape of your life.

By becoming a martial artist, you begin to unlock your complete physical and mental capacity, enhancing multiple aspects of your life and transforming you into a better human being. This includes not only a slimmer waistline and a much more toned and lean physique but also improved mental strength, sharpness, and focus, as well as clarity.

These benefits to your mental and physical well-being are beneficial not only to your personal life but also to your professional life as well.

Looking to try Muay Thai? Experience what it’s all about and find out why practitioners & students rave about it so much.

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