5 Noticeable Ways Your Life Changes After Starting Muay Thai

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5 Noticeable Ways Your Life Changes After Starting Muay Thai

You already know how Muay Thai will improve every aspect of your life. From your physical conditioning, to your health and wellness, and even your confidence and concentration, Muay Thai has many benefits to the human mind, body, and spirit.

If you are like many others who have made the decision to train in Muay Thai, then you have taken the first step to unlocking your true potential.

Muay Thai originated from Thailand and is practiced all over the world. It is often referred to as the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’ because it utilises fists, elbows, legs, and knees, making any full-contact fighter very efficient. It is also one of the most significant and widely used bases in mixed martial arts.

Muay Thai can specifically impact and change who you are — from your physical appearance, down to your mental aptitude. For those looking to get in shape and build muscle, Muay Thai training is a great place to start. Let’s examine the different ways Muay Thai will improve you.

1) Increased cardiovascular conditioning

Muay Thai is one of the most grueling workouts you will ever experience and will certainly develop your cardiovascular conditioning. The sheer amount of punches and kicks that you will execute on a daily basis while training in Muay Thai is enough to get you in shape within a matter of weeks.

A tremendous anaerobic workout, Muay Thai will test your will and build your endurance, focusing on allowing you to comfortably strike for short bursts over long periods of time. For beginners, it is normal to be short of breath during the first few training sessions. But after a few weeks have passed, your conditioning will have improved and you will find yourself capable of much more.

Muay Thai will provide you with enough cardio to really maximise your energy expenditure. It is one of the toughest workouts you will ever experience, but you’ll emerge much stronger and fitter because of it.

2) Increased core strength

A lot of power generated in the various strikes in Muay Thai emanates from your core. In essence, Muay Thai is one of the best core stability workouts you can ever perform. Executing strikes with proper technique directly engages the core stability muscles, thus enhancing this particular area of our bodies. Good physical performance is predicated on possessing a strong core. The stronger your core muscles are, the faster and more powerful you will be as a Muay Thai practitioner.

The majority of movements in Muay Thai directly impact the core, which is also responsible for stabilising and protecting your spine. Your core doesn’t only include the abdominal muscles, but also the lats, spinal erectors, glute complex, quadratus lumborum, and hip flexors which make up the outer-core muscles.

3) Heightened awareness and focus
mobility exercises and stretches

Another benefit of training in Muay Thai is that you will develop heightened awareness and sharper focus.

As it teaches you how to defend yourself, Muay Thai toughens you from the inside and helps boost your immune system, as workouts tend to do. Not only does it make your muscles strong, but it also gives you endurance and brings you to your peak physical condition. Of course, when the body is strong and fluid, the mind is also enhanced.

Practicing your techniques while making sure they are properly executed is a tremendous mental exercise as much as it is physical. There is a science to Muay Thai, as you will quickly learn in your first few training sessions. You’ll be hooked on learning more as you go along.

Thus by training in Muay Thai, your mental psyche is greatly improved, empowering you with supreme self-confidence, tenacious discipline, and absolute focus — all of which combined put you into your optimum mental and spiritual state.

4) Relieves stress

Muay Thai is a great avenue for stress relief. Physical exercise as it stands is already a great way to blow off steam and relieve stress, and practicing Muay Thai adds even more value to that.

Whether we realise it or not, stress affects our lives greatly in more ways than one. Stress weakens our immune system, causes high blood pressure, fatigue, and depression. It can put us in a bad mood, decrease the quality of life, and damage our health in irreversible ways.

Luckily, Muay Thai is the perfect activity to relieve stress because it gives you a jolt of energy through physical exercise. At a spiritual level, Muay Thai surprisingly provides mental peace and serenity. Enjoy the art’s exhilarating pace, kicking the pads and launching your striking combinations.

Not only will Muay Thai enhance your physical well-being and relieve stress, but it will also improve your social life. Meet new friends and build lasting relationships with your gym mates. Have loads of fun in each session, learning and experiencing new techniques.

5) It will give you a beautifully sculpted physique

One of the added benefits of training in Muay Thai is that it will definitely have you looking your absolute best. After just a few weeks of training, you will start to notice major changes in your physical appearance. You will be a lot leaner and more trim, and if you practice Muay Thai long enough, you will inevitably be blessed with a beautifully sculpted figure.

Muay Thai is a full body workout, training every single aspect of your physicality. It tones your arms and legs, trims your abdominal area to give you a flat stomach, and tightens your skin giving you the appearance of a well-conditioned athlete. This is not an exaggeration, as many Muay Thai practitioners can attest to the fact.

Everyone wants to look their absolute best, no question, and one of the quickest ways to achieve this is by training in Muay Thai. Muay Thai will undoubtedly leave you in your best ever shape, and in addition, will also have a positive impact on many other areas of your life.

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