7 Signs You’re Getting Serious About Muay Thai

7 Signs You’re Getting Serious About Muay Thai

Throughout your Muay Thai journey, you’d have all kinds of ups and downs. There would be days when you feel like you’re on top of the world, and others when you might not be 100%.

Fortunately, you’d always be able to find the willpower and motivation from within, once you start taking your training seriously. After all, how much you invest in and get out of your training is entirely up to you – and if you’ve decided to commit to it, then there’s a good chance you’re getting serious about Muay Thai. That means you’re well on your way to becoming the best martial artist you can be!

1) You’ve started sparring
Getting Serious About Muay Thai

Once your instructor gives you the green light to start sparring, it means that you’ve shown him that you understand and can execute the basic techniques correctly. Chances are, you’ve leveled up as well. So if you’ve gotten to this stage, it means that you made it through the toughest part – the beginning – and are now ready to take on even more challenges that will deepen your practice, and of course, play a part in helping you become a better fighter.

2) You make it a point to drill the techniques you’ve learned before/after class
Muay Thai Exercises

When you first started training Muay Thai, you probably weren’t as driven and maybe even got disheartened when you took a longer time to nail down certain techniques. However, you realised that you were able to gain a clearer understanding of those techniques the more you practiced. That’s why it has become a priority for you to drill those techniques before or after class – so that you can master them ASAP!

3) You’re thinking of joining the competition team

If you’ve thought about stepping into the ring and putting your skills to the test, then it means that you’ve made significant progress, gained confidence, and of course, gotten pretty serious about Muay Thai! Psst! Why not take that first step towards making your dream a reality by talking to the Morakot Muaythai Fight Team Coaches?

4) Your Muay Thai/training clothes have taken over your wardrobe

Because you train so frequently, you end up shopping for Muay Thai shorts and workout gear more than anything else. After all, when you look good, you feel good, too! And what better way is there to set the tone for a fruitful gym session than being in clean, comfy attire that can help you get the most out your training?

5) You’d rather spend Friday night training than going for TGIF drinks

By the time Friday rolls around, we’re pretty most of you are ready for the weekend. And perhaps some of you even have plans that involve happy hour drinks and dancing the night away. This might have been you at some point – but as you got more involved with your training, you noticed that you’d very much prefer to hang out with your training partners and have an awesome sparring session rather than hit the clubs.

6) You spend your spare time watching videos and reading up about Muay Thai

When you can’t train, the next best thing to do in your spare time is watch and analyse fights or videos that break down techniques, as well as read articles that could teach you a thing or two about Muay Thai. After all, these are just some things that can contribute to your progress as a martial artist – and you’d do whatever it takes to crush your goals and become the best you can be.

7) You can’t imagine life without Muay Thai

If you’ve reached the point where you can’t imagine what your life would be like without Muay Thai, it means that training has become a huge part of your life! And the good news is that you’d be on this adventure for life, because Muay Thai promotes continuous self-improvement and also helps you get into the best shape of your life.

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