[May 8th] Morakot Development Day

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[May 8th] Morakot Development Day

Development Sparring Saturday 8th May at 3pm. These are mock fights where students learn formalities of ring entrance, scoring, being cornered and a taste of being in the ring. Students are matched on the day. It’s heaps of fun! Register via the link below.

Requirements for eligible candidates:

  • Suitable for kids 10+ and adults
  • Students Yellow Singlet and above
  • Open to Morakot Students only
  • Equipment provided, must bring own groin guard and mouth guard
  • All bouts will be no contest

DATE: Saturday 8th May
WHERE: Morakot Muaythai Gym Epping
WHO: Morakot Students

TIME: Weigh-in 3 pm / Bouts start at 3:15pm

Register here

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